Four Reasons to Move to Chatham County

North Carolina is a diverse state known for both its natural beauty and culturally rich cities. Chatham County is a place that puts you within reach of both! Here are four reasons to move to this up-and-coming place in Central North Carolina.

Nature Opportunities

While the city is bustling and lively, living in a more rural area has its benefits, too. In addition to getting more land for your money, Chatham County is home to Jordan Lake, a mostly undeveloped, 14,000-acre natural area.

Open to the public year round, Jordan Lake features camp sites, playgrounds, hiking trails, boating opportunities, and other outdoor opportunities. It’s a great place to spend a day and one of the most prized places in Chatham County.

Lower Taxes

While many people love the thrills of big city living, no one likes the taxes associated with the urban lifestyle. Chatham County enjoys significantly lower property tax rates than its neighbors, with rates remaining at 67 cents per $100 valuation for the foreseeable future.

Compare this to Wake County’s 72.07, Orange County’s 86.54, and Durham City’s $1.24 per $100, and it’s easy to see how the savings add up! That you’re still within driving distance of these great places is just icing on the cake. Which brings us to…

Proximity to Jobs

Chatham County – especially on the eastern side – is an easy commute from major urban centers. From the county seat of Pittsboro, you’re around 40 minutes from Durham and Raleigh, and only 35 from the RTP. Western Chatham also puts you within spitting distance of Greensboro.

Durham and Raleigh are known for thriving biotech and healthcare sectors, and a growing startup culture in the area – along with the presence of tech giant Red Hat – has made Raleigh something of a miniature Silicon Valley. Chatham County itself added 500 new jobs in 2018, and there are more on the horizon. Which reminds us…

Chatham County is Growing

As rising rents and property taxes push people further out from Raleigh-Durham, Chatham County is now a sight of major growth. The county recently outlined a 25-year growth plan that focuses on economic development and sustainable land use.

One of the major new areas in the county is Chatham Park, a massive mixed-use community featuring single-family homes and condominiums adjacent to parks, shopping and dining areas, and more! Chatham County realtor Lisa Skumpija is at the forefront of the project. If you want in on the ground floor, contact her today!

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