Exploring the Quirkier Side of Pittsboro

Part of the appeal of small-town living is discovering the unique and quirky aspects that give a place its charm. Pittsboro, North Carolina, is no exception! This quaint town is brimming with personality and surprises around every corner. From eclectic local shops to whimsical public art, there’s always something new to explore. Let’s dive into some of the offbeat gems that make Pittsboro a delightfully quirky destination.

Clyde Jones and His Whimsical World

Clyde Jones has a chainsaw, paint, and a love for whimsy that’s captured hearts worldwide. Born in 1938 in Bynum, NC, Clyde creates rough-hewn wooden creatures displayed in his yard, known as “Clyde’s Critter Crossing,” and beyond. Using found wood, he crafts these charming critters, often adorned with everyday objects as eyes and limbs.

Unlike many artists, Clyde never sells his work, choosing instead to gift it to those he deems worthy. His creations have traveled from Taiwan to the Great Wall of China, and his local community embraces his unique art. Clyde’s legacy is celebrated annually at “Clydefest,” a testament to his enduring charm and creativity.

A Melodic Haven on Hillsboro Street

In the heart of Pittsboro on Hillsboro Street, the Violin and Fiddle Shop welcomes you with a unique “door dulcimer” and the fresh aroma of pine resin. This charming, niche shop is run by luthier Shay Garriock, who crafts and repairs violins with dedication and passion.

Shay’s shop is a blend of tradition and personal touch. He crafts beautiful violins, adding his unique flair with oil pigments and finger-applied varnish. His love for music began at 18, and his journey led him to open this shop in 2010, where he now serves a vibrant local music community.

The shop isn’t just about selling violins; it’s a quirky haven where music lovers find handmade instruments, repair services, and lessons. It’s a testament to Pittsboro’s unique charm, offering a supportive space for musicians and a touch of whimsy to this small town.

An Unlikely Source for Truffles

Two local entrepreneurs are making waves with their truffle business, Truffletopia. After showcasing their products on a national shopping network, orders have been pouring in, and some items even sold out.

Co-owners Josh Esnard and Tony Huey, who have roots in truffle farming and an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2017, are now growing truffles on a 30-acre farm in Pittsboro. They’re working with local scientists to cultivate truffles on North Carolina’s indigenous trees, particularly the Loblolly Pine.

North Carolina’s clay soil, similar to the Mediterranean, provides the perfect environment for truffles. They’re growing white truffles, known for their robust flavor and high price—up to $1,000 a pound. Helping them find these precious fungi is Coco, a Bernese Mountain-Poodle mix in training to sniff out truffles.

By producing truffles locally, Esnard and Huey hope to lower the price and make this delicacy more accessible, diversifying the culinary possibilities with their unique backgrounds in Caribbean, Japanese, Chinese, and Irish cuisines.

Though we have to wait until next spring for the first harvest, Truffletopia is already putting Pittsboro on the map for truffle lovers.

A Place Like No Other

If you’re looking for a unique place to call home, Pittsboro offers a blend of charm, creativity, and community like no other. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg – there’s so much to explore in our town! If you’re ready to call Pittsboro home, reach out to Lisa Skumpija for guidance and discover your perfect home in our wonderfully quirky town.

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