3 of Our Favorite Restaurants Near Chatham Park

One of the great parts of living in Chatham Park is that some of the best food in the Triangle is right outside your doorstep! Check out three of our favorite places, some within walking distance of our new listings.

The Root Cellar

One of the first restaurants to open in Chatham Park, The Root Cellar originally hails from Chapel Hill. Describing itself as a “gourmet restaurant, catering company, bakery, and café,” the Root Cellar has a not-quite-a-restaurant vibe similar to markets in bigger cities.

The restaurant’s main thing is that all ingredients are made fresh in house; turkey is roasted on-site, mayo is made behind the counter, and veggies are seasonal selections from local farmer’s markets. The restaurant’s sandwich-focused menu emphasizes quality and freshness, and it does not disappoint.

If you want to cook at home, you can buy their fresh ingredients individually, including honey and pepper jelly.

Angelina’s Kitchen

Fusion cuisine chefs come up with some wacky ideas, and when you hear Southwest + Greek – the combo offered by Angelina’s Kitchen in downtown Pittsboro – it’s understandable you’ll be both skeptical and curious.

But both cuisines work extremely well with the restaurant’s emphasis on local sourcing, featuring a menu that changes based on what’s available from local farmers. Certain standbys are always there though, including spanakopita, moussaka, and hearty lentil soup.

Similar to the Root Cellar, Angelina’s also offers takeaway heat-at-home food for an easy family dinner. We recommend the Lemon Paprika Chicken; it’s good on everything!

S&T Soda Shoppe

Pittsboro’s downtown is remarkably well-preserved, and there’s no more delicious way to step back into its heyday than S&T Soda Shoppe. This old-school soda fountain – dating back to the early 1900s – certainly looks the part, still housed in its original building and featuring restored, period-appropriate mahogany furniture.

But the menu hits the spot too, with classic diner fare like burgers, tuna melts, and pimento cheese. The sweet stuff is even more classic, with sodas mixed in house and handmade malt shakes wrapping up the menu.

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