Back to School: Chatham County Schools

It’s that time again: back to school season is officially upon us. If you’re new to Chatham County, or considering a move to the area, you might be curious about the local school options. Whether you have little ones just starting pre-k or a house of teenagers embarking on their high school years, you’ll find no shortage of excellent educational offerings throughout the area. Here’s our overview of Chatham County’s K-12 schools:

Public Schools

The Chatham County Schools district currently operates 17 schools throughout the county. With five elementary schools, six primary schools, three middle schools, and five high schools to choose from, there’s certain to be a great fit for every student. The Chatham School of Science & Engineering is ideal for those passionate about STEM education, but all the local public schools offer exciting enrichment opportunities. The district is home to one of the only immersive dual language programs in the state, with students learning to speak fluent Spanish by the end of high school.

Private Schools 

Should you prefer a private school education for your children, Chatham County has a range of excellent options from which to choose. If you’re seeking a Christian school, the Haw River Christian Academy is a popular choice for JK-12 students. If Montessori is your thing, Willow Oak Montessori offers education grounded in deeply engaging, individualized, personalized, and self-paced learning. Thales Academy is a college preparatory school that seeks to prepare all students for the challenges of a collegiate experience.

Charter Schools

Charter schools in Chatham County are growing in popularity. Woods Charter School, located in Chapel Hill, serves students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Small class sizes help foster a nurturing environment. Chatham Charter in Siler City places heavy emphasis on sending their students off to college – 90 percent of their graduates go on to college. Like public schools, charter schools are publicly funded. Unlike their public school counterparts, though, charter schools are not governed by elected officials. That’s something to keep in mind as you decide where to send your kids to school in Chatham County.

With so many excellent local choices for education, it’s no surprise so many families are flocking to Chatham County. No matter where you opt to send your students, they’re certain to find success at these exciting institutions.

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