Yoga Has No Limits In Pittsboro!

Yoga is known for helping people relax, build strength and stamina, increase flexibility, breathe better, digest food better, tone muscles, and helps teach people how to focus.  It is said to help heal the mind, body and soul. Pittsboro wouldn’t be complete without a Yoga studio and it has had a great one for many years!

Our Experience With Yoga In Pittsboro

My oldest daughter and I used to go to Cathy Holt’s yoga classes years ago and we both loved it. We would go on a weekly basis and then life “got in the way” as it does, which is a bummer because looking back on it, it did us both well. I recently saw that Cathy Holt Yoga was the sponsor for the Chatham Chatlist and thought to myself that I need to get back into one of her classes. At the time, my daughter was healing from fracturing a few vertebra in her lower spine and Cathy did a great job of showing her adaptations to certain positions specifically for her situation as well as stretches she could be doing at home to relieve pain and build strength.

Cathy Holt Yoga

Cathy Holt’s website has an abundance of information on herself, her practices, class schedules and fees along with testimonials. Her website also provides examples of the art, jewelry, and ceremony services that she provides. With 16 years of teaching yoga in Pittsboro under her belt, her yoga classes are extremely popular so sign up quickly and get on the wait list if need be. Her classes are offered 6 times at week at various times and difficulty levels.

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