Mark Hewitt Holiday Kiln Opening

It is time again for a Mark Hewitt kiln opening! Do some holiday shopping this weekend at the pottery filled barn.

Mark Hewitt’s Holiday Kiln Opening

Another beautiful kiln opening is taking place this weekend. Mark Hewitt is one of our region’s, if not state’s, most celebrated potters. Having been a potter for decades, Mark Hewitt has won multiple awards for his creations as well as been featured in magazines and museums and exhibits nationally and internationally.

Saturday, December 12th: 9am-5pm
Sunday, December 13th: Noon-5pm

Map & Directions

The Pottery

Hewitt uses local clays, a variety of glazes, and a large wood kiln he built himself. View his pieces that are for sale in and around his barn. Find many gifts that start at $5 such as bud vases and coffee mugs, dozens of pots for under $30, and pricier items such as umbrella pots, fluted vases, neo-classical vases, large sentinels, and then his famous massive vases and pots.

Preview The Pieces

Hewitt Holiday Kiln Opening-1

Hewitt Holiday Kiln Opening-2

Hewitt Holiday Kiln Opening-3

Hewitt Holiday Kiln Opening-4

Hewitt Holiday Kiln Opening-5

Hewitt Holiday Kiln Opening-6


Hewitt has two apprentices, Adrian King and Hamish Jackson, that he is passing his knowledge onto!  Some of their pottery will also be on display and for sale, help support these up and coming potters!

Adrian King

Adrian King

Adrian King - 2Adrian King - 1 Adrian King - 3 Adrian King - 4 Adrian King - 5

Hamish Jackson

Hamish Jackson

Hamish Jackson - 1 Hamish Jackson - 2 Hamish Jackson - 3 Hamish Jackson - 4 Hamish Jackson - 5

View The Full Preview of Hewitts, King’s, and Jackson’s Pieces


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