Chatham Park Updates: Affordable Housing and North Chatham Parkway

Did you know that Chatham County is one of the fastest-growing areas in North Carolina? This rural area of bedroom communities is the latest to absorb the Triangle’s booming growth. Nowhere is this more evident than in Chatham Park, a massive development that will permanently change the area.

Thanks to the Pittsboro board of commissioners, living in Chatham Park just got a lot easier! The board recently voted on a proposal to increase affordable housing options and investigate a new bypass.

About Chatham Park

Located in Pittsboro in Chatham County, Chatham Park is a master-planned, mixed-use community built around a “live-work-play” concept. Spanning over 7,000 acres across the Haw River and Jordan Lake, Chatham Park will house nearly 60,000 people by its completion in 2045.

It cannot be overstated how profoundly Chatham Park will change the area. Pittsboro’s population in 2019 was just over 4,000 people. Not only will Chatham park increase that by nearly 15 times, it will also bring in more businesses, schools, shopping, and dining options to this rapidly growing area.

Housing options include single-family homes, condominiums, and apartments.

About the Affordable Housing Plan

The housing market, particularly in the Triangle, has been chaotic. The area’s appeal, along with a surging job market, have driven prices higher and higher over the past few years.

Originally, Chatham Park was to dedicate 1% of its total housing units to the affordable housing market. These changing conditions – along with a comprehensive tax plan – moved the Pittsboro Board of Commissioners to vote 4-1 for 7.5% of Chatham Park’s housing to be designated below market rate, adding up to 1,650 homes and apartments.

The affordable housing plan is very exciting news for Chatham Park, ensuring that prospective residents won’t be barred from entry solely based on housing costs.

About North Chatham Parkway

Pittsboro commissioners also approved a study for a proposed North Chatham Parkway, connecting US 64 and 15-501. This bypass would divert traffic to Chatham Park around downtown Pittsboro, easing concerns about congestion.

The parkway is still in the planning stages, but the current option under investigation would minimize the effects on current residents and avoid ecologically sensitive land along the Haw River, alleviating some of the project’s initial problems.

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